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"On 27, Teitur—a mainstay of the 101 scene—brings forth a fully-realized artistic vision, the result of years of thoughtful development and experimentation, unique in both sound and approach. It’s also damn catchy. Good vibes."

H.S.M, Reykjavik Grapevine

"Top 10 best Icelandic releases 2014. "

- Jim Beckmann, KEXP Radio

Teitur Magnússon is no stranger to Icelandic music lovers. After a string of releases with pop reggae/dub outfit Ojba Rasta, Teitur stepped into the limelight in 2014 with his solo album 27. The album contained pop music tinged with shades of psychedelia and tropicália, and was followed up with 2018’s Orna. His third solo album, entitled 33, was released in 2021.

With a zen-like gaze, a long, red druidic beard, a flowing mane of blonde hair and an unusual sense of style, he carries with him an aura of deep calm and quizzical eccentricity.


Teitur has made a name for himself in Iceland for his lushly produced and pleasingly wonky guitar pop, which comes with plenty of rich and unexpected instrumentation, and interesting psychedelic edges. It’s full of earworm melodies that sound like they could have been beamed out of a peaceful, blissed out 1970s beach enclave, picking up all the latest advances in music production along the way.


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